GE Searchlight parts

Below is a list of some of the 60″ General Electric searchlight parts we have available. The new parts in the first section all new original parts and many are still sealed in cosmoline. The parts in the used section may be used ones from our parts lights or could be new ones that hadn’t been stored well. If you need something that isn’t listed on the page please contact us. We have many more parts available.

NEW GE Searchlight parts

USED GE Searchlight parts

  • inquire – Original positive rotating assembly – 6976655G67 (Lc2)
  • inquire – Original positive nose cap (heatshield) – 5994197P4 (L371)
  • inquire – Arc control box (aluminum or later stamped steel)
  • inquire – Ballast resistor assembly
  • inquire – Brush assembly and holder for turntable
  • inquire – Collector rings for turntable
  • inquire – A frame locking bar
  • Many others…

If you are interested in any of these items please send an e-mail to: or use the contact information on our home page.

Supplies are limited on some parts so order early if you see something you need.  Prices may change without notice.