Carbon Rods

We stock only the original “National” Carbon rods for the 60″ Searchlights. Many people prefer these as they seem to have the brightest light output and provide a reliable experience running in the searchlight.

carbonendsEnd of positive rod showing softer center core.

We typically sell the carbon rods by the can. Each set comes in a metal can that contains 25 Positive and 25 negative High-Intensity searchlight carbon rods. Each of these rods has a softer center core for proper operation of the lights.  You typically get about 2 hours on a set of rods you should get approximately 50 hours of run time per can.  Currently the price on a can of carbon is $350.00 plus shipping.

If you run out of carbon and just need a set or two quickly we can sell them in individual sets (one positive and one negative) for $16 plus shipping. These can be sent overnight (express mail) or via 2-3 day Priority mail to get them in your hands quickly.

Please check your carbon supplies and order early to help avoid the rush to the post office if you find that you have a job coming up and are out of carbon to do it.

If you are interested in any Carbon Rods for your light please send e-mail to: or use the contact information on our home page.

Supplies are limited on some items so order early if you see something you need.  Although we’ve done our best not to raise the price on carbon it may change without notice.