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We currently have a 1942 60″ Sperry Searchlight and Generator that we occasionally rent out for special events. If you have something in the Detroit area let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

1942 Sperry Searchlight and Generator

1942 Sperry Searchlight and Generator

If you happen to need any of these as static movie props or even original crated parts let us know.  A 1942A GE searchlight from our yard was used by Warner Brothers in one of the Batman movies.  We have others that you could rent or purchase for a similar purpose.

Our main focus these days is to supply parts and ensure that these searchlights keep shining for years to come.  While we can send parts just about anywhere we only do limited rentals locally.

If you are looked to rent one of these all powerful carbon arc searchlights you can check with other Searchlight companies which may be able to supply you with a rental light for your special event.  We will be actively adding links to their sites as we get them and will support them by supplying the parts they need to stay in operation.

Searchlight Operators

If you are looking to rent searchlights in other areas please checkout the links to other searchlight operators websites below. We do not rate any of these companies and the links provided are as-is for your convenience. These are all separate companies which are responsible for their own content and manage their own rentals. If you find any broken links or know of any additional ones that should be added please let us know!

California, serving the Los Angeles area
Bob Meza’a Victory Searchlights:

Missouri, Springfield
Melton Electric Company:

Nebraska, Lincoln
Moonlighter Searchlight Advertising:

If you are an operator and would like to see your Searchlight website or contact information listed here please send a message to :