Searchlight Users forum

Where can you get answers to all your questions about your Searchlight? One of the best places may be the open user forum for Searchlight owners/operators up on yahoo groups. It is an excellent place to post questions or to lend a hand to one of the other operators out there. Please take a look if you have an interest in these old Searchlights.

Searchlight User group:

Searchlight Restoration pages

Below are links to websites that show some of these vintage Searchlights restored to their original configuration. I have talked to several of the people and they have done a great job with their restoration work.

Bob Meza’s great Searchlight website:

Searchlight Museum pages

Below are links to websites that reference these vintage Searchlights as well as links to Museums that may have them on display.

Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, CA is very active in preserving the Searchlights:


Smithsonian Museum Searchlight reference:

If you know of other links that should be added please send an e-mail to: or use the contact information on our home page.