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We are here to provide replacement parts for both the General Electric and Sperry 60″ WWII anti-aircraft Searchlight and Generator units. We want to ensure these great old carbon arc lights keep on shining for years to come! Both new and used parts are available. Most of our new parts are still packaged in the original cosmoline packaging or in crates. Used items are provided from our old General Electric Searchlights, General Electric Generators, and Sperry Generators in the yard. If you need parts for these then you’ve come to the right place. We can definitely help you keep these great old lights going!

For those of you who may be interested in obtaining your own searchlight set we still have a few new/unused 1942 60″ Sperry Searchlight and Generator sets for sale in their unaltered original configuration.  The generators still have their JXD engines sealed as well as the toolbox and spares in the generator.

Please contact us with your requests and we will get you a quote as soon as possible.  It will help to know if you are running a Sperry or GE unit and if possible what year/model you have.  If you are unsure you can e-mail us some pictures and we can help determine what you have.


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E-mail for parts and General Information: rdoerr@bizserve.com

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E-mail request for parts and General Information: rdoerr@bizserve.com